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Why marketing is not a do-it yourself job

Marketing is a complex and high level profession. It’s more than most business owners realize. Included under the marketing umbrella are strategic planning, brand development and positioning, marketing communications, website design and development, content development, e-marketing, public relations, community relations and crisis and issues management. The growth of digital marketing has increased its complexity. 

Marketing your own business, unless you are a marketing professional… is not a do-it-yourself job. Some of the mistakes business owners make include:

  • When business owners attempt their own marketing several things happen: Marketing does not get the time and attention it needs causing growth to stall and some businesses to fail. 
  • Name their companies and/or develop taglines and messages without considering their products or markets; businesses deserve to have a professional create an effective brand.
  • Marketing materials lack effective and consistent messages, and fail to appeal to relevant markets.
  • Websites are often poorly designed (“my high school child can do it”), don’t meet the consistency established for the brand and are written without a content strategy that includes SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and blogs etc.   
  • Fail to capitalize on the best practices of both traditional marketing and digital marketing where relevant.

Why a strategic marketing professional is important

Marketing is essential to the success of your business. If you are wondering why your business’ growth is stagnant, if you are tired of trying to do your own marketing or if you have dropped it into the lap of a staff member who lacks marketing skills, if your marketing programs are reactive, or if any of the conditions listed above apply to your business… it’s time to consider working with a professional marketing strategist.
With a focus on strategic marketing planning and consulting, Maestro Strategic Marketing is committed to finding solutions that are unique to your business challenges by creating a marketing plan that supports your business goals, by shaping your business brand and by fine-tuning current marketing programs.

Don’t wait. Call the Maestro today to orchestrate your marketing success.
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Excerpt from a testimonial

“(Joan) is an accomplished marketing professional who excels at researching and gathering information for each individual company’s type of business in order to formulate and implement a marketing plan tailored to meet and achieve the company’s goals to grow their business.” Mary Richinick

With a focus on strategic marketing planning and consulting, Maestro Strategic Marketing services also include: Brand development and positioning, integrative traditional and digital marketing solutions, marketing communications, website design and development, website content development, Internet marketing, writing, graphic design, public relations and community outreach, crisis and issues communications, and project management.