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Maestro Strategic Marketing was an invaluable resource in the marketing and re-branding process where I recently served as Business Development Manager. They guided us through the entire experience of developing an in-depth strategic marketing plan, teaching important principles along the way. Joan Wackell’s expertise in developing a depth of brand and consistency of communication were key elements in our ability to successfully convey a new and exciting message and image to the marketplace. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Maestro Strategic Marketing again in an instant!

Maria Paul | Business Consultant & Client Relationship Manager

Meeting and hiring Joan Wackell, after a two year search to find someone who was the “right fit” for my business and me was the best thing I’ve done to date (except for the work I do with my students)! With Joan’s expertise, she was quickly able to grasp both the overview and details of my business and understand my standards about the delivery of my services as well as my commitment to students and their families. She took all of this information and transformed it into a strategic business plan that incorporated all that I was trying to accomplish to get my message out. Meeting Joan also led me to my website designer, because as soon as I saw her website, I knew this too was also the person I had been searching for, who turned out to be her son!

There is nothing to say except, “How would you feel if your business grew over 300% last year during the worst recession we’ve had in my lifetime (and I’m a baby boomer)!

Due to Joan’s vision and capacity to keep in mind the essence of what I was trying to convey, and her ability to transform ideas into results, the growth in my business would never have occurred without her. You need to hire her! Really!

Judy Zodda | Zodda College Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Joan Wackell at the Worcester Art Museum, and later with her business, Maestro Strategic Marketing. As the Museum’s Director of Marketing, Joan was an exceptional manager who led and inspired the marketing team to achieve successful results, in particular for a major exhibition, Antioch: The Lost Ancient City resulting in record-breaking attendance (80,000), International publicity and which attracted visitors from Greece, Italy and France.

Recently I have collaborated with Maestro Strategic Marketing where they developed marketing plans for business sectors including medical, restaurant and financial.

Joan is an accomplished marketing professional, who excels at researching and gathering information for each individual company’s type of business in order to formulate and implement a marketing plan tailored to meet and achieve the company’s goals to grow their business. Joan is adept at coordinating the project and effectively communicating client’s needs and mission to keep the project on track, which is extremely helpful for me as a designer.

Mary Richinick | Mary Richinick Graphic Design

From the time I started my business, all I was focused on was making more income each year. After six years, I still had no plan for future growth. Joan Wackell of Maestro Strategic Marketing helped me to define my market and to set realistic goals for establishing new client / sales relationships. She encouraged me to prioritize and to set up a plan that I could follow. One of the recommendations was to rename my business to better brand my company. I was a little nervous at first-I wasn't sure how she could know my business well enough to serve me. But Joan did her research thoroughly and got to know my industry very well. I was very pleased with her recommendations.

I look at the marketing plan now as my business template. Joan put it together in a concise, user-friendly, approachable format that I can continue to follow as my business grows. She made me realize that I have a viable business, one that I can really cultivate. It's all too easy to go along without stopping to take a look at the business. Working with Joan made me realize that my business was successful, and I had to start acting like a successful business owner.

Maestro is extremely professional. Joan kept me on track and focused on my goals and timelines. Maestro Strategic Marketing definitely meets the marketing needs of the small and growing businesses.

Tobe Gerard | Tobe Gerard Insurance

I'm on the marketing / sales side of a regional business journal publication. I've worked with Joan Wackell at Maestro Strategic Marketing for the last five years. Several of her clients have placed ads in our paper.

I've enjoyed working with Joan. She is both a dedicated professional and a staunch advocate for her clients. Joan is articulate and able to clearly state what her clients' needs and goals are. She is open minded and willing to consider my suggestions for ad placement in our publication.

Working with an agency like Maestro Strategic Marketing, and Joan in particular, guarantees professional and personable service. She provides the entire strategic marketing package, from planning and branding to advertising and public relations. I highly recommend Maestro and Joan to any advertiser who is looking for an agency to meet their marketing needs.

From my perspective, it's great to work with Joan because she's a hands-on, detail oriented person who has her clients' best interests at heart. I know my job will be that much easier when Joan's on board.

Bonnie Leroux | Worcester Business Journal

Take a start up nonprofit organization, 16 different members of the board, and a small, but-talented professional staff being pulled in several directions, and you get an organization with lots of potential in desperate need of strategic focus. Joan Wackell, owner of Maestro Strategic Marketing, took a thorough look at our agency, identified its strengths and marketing challenges, and came up with a concrete plan to establish the organization as the industry leader that it could be.

Joan helped the board members face the "elephant in the room," the difficult identity issue that continually arose as an obstacle to moving the organization forward. She laid out a clear path to solidify the agency's identity, from simple organization presentation formats, to public relations advice and media placement, to high-impact measures that would stake out our agency's unique area of expertise.

The organization has grown by leaps and bounds with the help of Joan's strategic marketing analysis, and is well positioned to stand firmly on its own as it moves into its next phase of development. Joan worked thoughtfully, yet assertively, through all aspects of the plan development and presentation. I'd be happy to recommend Maestro Strategic Marketing to others.

Susan E.W. Spencer, (Former) Director
Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce
Education Foundation, Inc
Whitinsville, MA

With a focus on strategic marketing planning and consulting, Maestro Strategic Marketing services also include: Brand development and positioning, integrative traditional and digital marketing solutions, marketing communications, website design and development, website content development, Internet marketing, writing, graphic design, public relations and community outreach, crisis and issues communications, and project management.