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Maestro Strategic Marketing understands how tempting it can be for business owners to do their own marketing. But, we also know that the dizzying array of marketing vehicles and media and communications channels are overwhelming to those without expertise. A business trying to market on its own is often a business that fails.

As experienced marketers we are familiar with the maze of services that go into integrated and comprehensive marketing. Our goal is to provide sound strategic solutions that will deliver your messages powerfully, while strengthening your position in the marketplace and growing your business.

The Marketing Solutions

I. The Marketing Plan

 If it’s dynamic marketing strategies that you need, ones that deliver results, let us help you create a strategic marketing plan for your business. Maestro will develop a customized plan designed to build a strong position in your marketplace, to set you apart from your competition and to help achieve your business goals. The marketing plan process includes several phases:

  • Research:  Research provides insight into your business situation, your industry in general and your target audiences.
  • SWOT Analysis: Using an objective viewpoint, this phase examines your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  
  • Marketing Objectives and Strategies: Based on the research and SWOT analysis, we will develop your map to success. Your plan will bridge both Traditional and Internet marketing strategies. They include:
    • Marketing Goals
    • Target Markets
    • Branding/ Positioning/Messaging
      • Corporate identity design
      • Graphics for print and online
    • Traditional Marketing Objectives and Strategies
      • Advertising, video, customer relations communications, publicity, community outreach, crisis communications planning, etc.
    • Internet Marketing Objectives and Strategies
      • Website design
      • SEO (search engine optimization), content development, blogging, social media, etc.
    • Marketing Communications
      • Inbound and online
    • Public Relations & Community Relations
    • Crisis Communications Management
    • Evaluation
    • Execution

II. Shaping Your Brand

  • Developing your Brand: Branding is one of the most important elements of your business. And, it does not just happen. Creating brand requires insight into your business to shape, or refine, your name, and to develop messages and strong visuals that make you competitive. 
  • Creatives: Distinctive visual graphics set you apart from the competition. Consistent use of your brand on all print materials and online are vital to building strong brand equity. 

III. Websites & Mobile Websites

  • Website design & development:  A well designed and developed website provides a powerful and necessary marketing platform for all businesses today. With Google’s recent change to boost rankings of mobile-friendly pages on search results, it becomes even more important to have a website that is mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are fast replacing desktops and laptops as the vehicles of choice for people to search the Internet.

IV. Marketing Consults: Fine-Tuning your Marketing Programs

Do you ever wonder if your marketing program is working? Do you wonder if your marketing dollars are well-spent? A marketing consult can answer those questions and more.

Ultimately, marketing consults provide you with expert advice to improve your marketing program, and to solve marketing-related problems that you don’t know how, or even have the time, to handle. Marketing consults will give you a forum to discuss ideas, marketing effectiveness and to collaborate on solutions. Overall, the goal of marketing consults is to develop and implement creative marketing strategies that are comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective; and, that keep you from “spinning your marketing wheels.” 

Don’t wait. Call on the Maestro today to orchestrate your marketing success.
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Excerpt from a testimonial

“They (Maestro Strategic Marketing) guided us through the entire experience of developing an in-depth strategic marketing plan, teaching important principles along the way. Joan Wackell’s expertise in developing a depth of brand and consistency of communications were key elements in our ability to successfully convey a new and exciting message and image to the marketplace.” Maria Paul

With a focus on strategic marketing planning and consulting, Maestro Strategic Marketing services also include: Brand development and positioning, integrative traditional and digital marketing solutions, marketing communications, website design and development, website content development, Internet marketing, writing, graphic design, public relations and community outreach, crisis and issues communications, and project management.