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case study

Client Brief: Total Marketing Plan - Gearing Up for a Changing Market Environment


This client is a highly respected and successful insurance professional. She is the sole owner of an independent agency. Sales are concentrated on a single product line. Individual clients represent a significant customer base. However, the individual market is dwindling because of the current economic environment and rising product rates. On the plus side of the equation, regulations changes are creating a new market-base, on the business owner side. Overall the client's goals, particularly with regard to revenue, are aggressive. Client has earned respect as an expert in her field and speaks across the country; she has also been published in industry-related publications. The client will implement the Plan.


  • Lack of small business representation among her client base
  • Marketing materials and website dated
  • Corporate identity: identity confusion and tag line that is limiting
  • Keeping in touch with clients ("staying in their face")

The impact of the Deficit Reduction Act was researched as well as the employer-sponsored market and peer interviews. The client provided significant insight into industry trends and situation. Because of the client's direction, it became increasingly important that the corporate identity better brand the business. A name change and new tag line were proposed. Additional proposed strategies include: development of marketing communications materials that focus on the business owner market and include market specific letters, flyers, brochures and a newsletter; a technology review, a total website design with video, and eNewsletter; a public relations strategy designed to capitalize and expand previous initiatives; and a relationship development program.

The name of the business has been changed and the new tag line will be included. The client is working with a graphic designer and printer to develop business cards and a stationery package. She has also met with the website designer; a new site design will incorporate graphic elements that are consistent with the identity for other materials in the interest of consistency, and to build and reinforce brand.