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computer services marketing case study

Client Brief: Charting the Direction, Spending the Credit to My Best Business Advantage


Founded 10 years ago, this computer business provides a wide range of computer-related services, primarily in business environments. The client's business venture has been successful. He had a specific challenge: how to spend a credit with a printer to his best business advantage. The credit was substantial, and the client realized that he needed a plan. Additionally, in the process of building his own website, he was considering a contract with a writer to develop web content.


  • Focus on this challenge was taking the owner's time away from building his business
  • The credit was significant and could not be spent to best advantage on business cards and notepads
  • Client's marketing materials needed to be updated and professional
  • Image: ensuring that the website design, content and marketing materials design and content were not piece-meal

Solution developed by Maestro Strategic Marketing:

Develop a marketing strategy plan that charted the way to create marketing materials that target customer segments and increase business and position the company as a leading and competitive IT provider for small businesses. While the project was focused on the development of marketing materials, strategies were also included for the website, packet distribution and publicity. During the planning process a descriptive tag line was developed and project management oversight provided.

The website is in production. A high-end and competitive promotional package was designed with multi-tiered inserts.