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chiropractic office marketing case study

Client Brief: Marketing Project Marketing a Dynamic and Growth-Focused Chiropractic Practice


This client is owns a successful chiropractic practice with several offices. The practice provides traditional chiropractic health care services and also specializes in spinal decompression therapy. Patients' experienced outstanding results in relieving spinal conditions with this therapy. Importantly, it provided the foundation for another business that the client has founded to help chiropractic physicians, across the country, with the management, protocol and delivery of spinal decompression therapy. The businesses are dynamic and growth-focused. The director is a marketing proponent and handles the execution of some programs such as radio advertising. The marketing relationship with the client is ongoing and includes development of project strategies and their implementation as well as providing consultative services.


  • Managing growth and marketing new initiatives in a complex environment
  • Controlling marketing expenditures
  • Keeping marketing strategies dynamic, focused and responsive to the marketplace
  • Managing marketing strategies so the effort is integrated and cost-effective

Solutions developed by Maestro Strategic Marketing:

Over the long-term, marketing and public relations plans have been developed for the chiropractic business including a recent plan that focused on the opening of a new office in a different geographic location. That plan included development and placement of an ad campaign to jump-start client growth in that office. An open house event is in the planning stage to attract local businesses, civic organizations, patients and friends and create buzz.

As with all planning goal-setting is important those that have been established for the chiropractic business and are still applicable include: to brand the business as a preeminent provider of spinal decompression therapy; to build awareness of the practice as a full service provider; to deliver marketing materials that support the business's expansion goals; and to provide project management services to free up the client to focus on building the business and to ensure consistent imaging, messaging and delivery. Corporate identity strategies have been implemented, websites designed and launched, publicity strategies executed, communications strategies developed, and a four-panel professional brochure designed, written and produced to appeal to high-end prospect with back problems. Ad campaigns have been designed and placed both in print, radio and cable television media. Video production strategies were developed and implemented.

To-date, the practice has experienced strong growth that growth is expected to continue. The new business, in its infancy stage, is progressing and its ad campaign is yielding positive results.