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Business Naming

The Maestro: Creating your Business Name

Joan A. Wackell
Maestro Strategic Marketing

naming-your-business-2-marketing-basicsSpeaking Out: The Maestro on Business Names provides several examples of right and wrong names for businesses and points out that a lot is riding on selecting the right name since a wrongly named business could spell disaster. How, then, can you create a business name that gives customers a sense of what the business does, the value it provides and that reflects your market niche?

Starting Point: The Naming Strategy

Develop a naming strategy statement that, once done, will guide you through the process include the following:

  1. A list of what should go into your business name; count on it to keep you on track as you work through the naming process
  2. Picking your Team
  3. Brainstorm Session
  4. Research your competitors
  5. Check for trademarks
  6. Domain name